Explore what AI can do for you. allows any company, regardless of prior experience to reap the benefits of artificial intelligence.


What we do. has developed a machine learning platform to help your company adopt machine learning into your core business.

With a streamlined process, we can cater to almost any machine learning need without compromising on quality.

We focus on the areas of Computer Vision, Image Recognition and Audio Analytics.’s proprietary machine learning solution xplAI™ is a result of many years of academic and industrial research.

Ease of Use

You don't need to be a data scientist to use our product. We have masked all the complexities for you.


We understand how valuable your resources are. You and only you own your data and the annotations that we cover for you.

Superhuman Accuracy

With our product and your feed of data, superhuman accuracy is achievable.​

Same performance with less data

Our algorithms requires orders of magnitude fewer annotations than existing solutions.